Updated List of COVID-19 Resources For The Greater Seattle Community

On Sunday March 15th Governor Inslee addressed COVID-19 by announcing that Washington Sate would temporarily shut down all “restaurants, bars and entertainment and recreational facilities” and ban “all gatherings with over 50 participants” until March 31st in attempt to flatten the curve.

Needless to say, the vast majority of people in the Greater Seattle Area and throughout the entirety of Washington State have felt the impacts of COVID-19 directly, or indirectly.

At Zeacon we have shifted our focus and have pivoted the use of the Zeacon app (iOS, Android), originally created to bring communities together through events and unique experiences, to now provide the Greater Seattle Area Community with easy-to-discover COVID-19 resources.

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What to do if you’re feeling sick

Worried you might be coming down with COVID-19? Click here for information on how to properly address your symptoms and what you should do next.

Coronavirus Hotline For King County: 206–477–4977

Need a clinic to get tested? We have mapped out locations of clinics across the Greater Seattle Area offering free testing for COVID-19 in the Zeacon app. Easily discover locations around Seattle by clicking here.

Don’t have health insurance? Click here for information on the special enrollment period for qualified individuals who are currently without insurance.

Worried about the cost of getting tested? Insurance Commissioner Kreidler issued an emergency order to state-regulated health plans on March 5th to cover testing (including any lab fees) and the related visit for COVID-19 without copays or deductibles. Click here to learn more.

COVID-19 updated testing information Click here

What to do if your job has been affected

Victor J. Blue / Getty Images

Has your job or business been affected by COVID-19? Click here for a resource for workers and businesses affected by COVID-19.

Need help getting unemployment benefits? Click here.

Need support to purchase food? Click here.

Need additional support for the following: Food, Cash, Child Care, Long-Term Care, and Medicare Savings Program? Click here.

Looking for job opportunities? Click on the following employers to discover opportunities they have listed.

  • Amazon JobsStart as soon as 7 days. No resume or previous work experience required.
  • Whole Foods Jobs — 60+ grocery team member and cashier jobs available
  • Fred Meyer & QFC Jobs300+ retail clerk positions throughout Seattle locations.
  • Safeway Jobs170+ retail positions throughout Seattle locations
  • Papa Johns — Team member & delivery jobs
  • Dominos — Customer service & delivery jobs

Where to get meals for students

Doree Fazio-Young, at left in bowler, and Ardeen Tensen, at right, who both work in the cafeteria, hand lunches to the Kent family of West Seattle, as Denny International Middle School offers lunch during the coronavirus closure, on St. Patrick’s Day, Tuesday (Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)

The Seattle and Tacoma Public School systems are providing grab-and-go lunches for students across multiple locations in the state. Some locations include:

  • West Seattle High School
  • Broadview-Thomson K-8
  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary School

Click here to discover the 20+ other school locations providing lunch support in the Zeacon app.

Where to find educational resources for students

Photo by Santi Vedrí on Unsplash

If you’re at home with your kids, we’ve found some ways that you can keep your child educated and entertained at the same time.

Scholastic is offering a variety of free online courses for students. Click here to find courses for PreK and Kindergarten through grades 6+.

  • Learn about city infrastructure, take a virtual video field trip, and more!

Additionally, many celebrities have taken the opportunity and “are lending their voices to ‘Operation Storytime’ and ‘Save With Stories,’ initiatives aimed at lifting kids’ — and parents’” spirits. Click here to join in on the fun.

Where and what to donate to help your community

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

Support local food banks safely within your home — many food banks need our support, but dropping off food may not be an option for you. Below are some food banks that take monetary donations that need our help.

If you don’t see a location near you, search for your local food bank online and proceed to their website to see if they take online donations.

Blood donation — the blood supply continues to decrease as COVID-19 goes on. Click here for information and locations to safely donate blood at this time.

Want to support your local small businesses?

Photo by Benjamin Massello on Unsplash

Gift cards are a great way to show your support and help your favorite businesses keep their doors open. Click here for a list of small businesses taking online payments so you can safely shop from inside your home. A few on the list include:

  • City Sweats
  • Terra Plata
  • Urban Nail Box
  • Copine

Delivery and take-out are 2 other options to support your local restaurants that are still open. Click here for a list of restaurants who are offering delivery and take-out services at this time in the Zeacon app. Some of them even have deals right now, for example:

Virtual entertainment (online events, concerts, workouts, & more)

Washington Post photo illustration; iStock

Are you getting bored from staying in for some time now? We have compiled a list of events that have been moved online as well as virtual concerts, virtual museum tours, in-home online workouts, and more. Here are a few examples:

Click here to discover a variety of virtual entertainment experiences in the Zeacon app.

Wondering who we are? We are Zeacon. We have recently shifted our focus in light of the impacts of COVID-19 and have pivoted the use of the Zeacon app (iOS, Android), originally created to bring communities together through events and unique experiences, to now provide the Greater Seattle Area Community with easy-to-discover COVID-19 resources.

Download the app today (iOS, Android) to discover ways to connect (virtually, for now) with the community and get access to easily discoverable COVID-19 resources.

Zeacon is the easiest way to find something to do with a single glance. Discover events, experiences, and offers in real-time.