The office holiday party is a tradition unlike any other. As the old adage says, work hard play hard. Who doesn’t love unwinding with colleagues whom you go to battle daily in the corporate world? There’s nothing like seeing the stoic task-master melt away when you strike up a chat…

by Daniel Aurelio

Kyle Ratoza, Brian Marks, and Angela Talmo finish rehearsal

“I think I’m gonna pass on pizza, I’m going to have something lighter, since it’s game day after all, ‘’ says Brian Marks, Zeacon’s Video Production Manager.

It’s 4:30pm at Jerk Shack in Belltown and after arriving hours earlier, our Production team is putting the finishing touches…

by Peter Yu, Zeacon

This article is the second in a two-part story. If you haven’t already, please first read the article “Pivot or Persevere” first.

An early rendering of Zeacon’s App, which launched in 2019 (image courtesy of Zoolatech)

In 2019 (ah, the good old days), Zeacon started as a business and launched its App as “the easiest way to find something to…

by Peter Yu, Zeacon

All of us have heard the story. The resourceful and quick startup that pivots from a flailing business model and catches the next big thing. Then again, Steve Jobs once said “Half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” So, when…

Not All Doom and Gloom for Charitable Giving Amid the Pandemic

By Peter Yu, Zeacon

Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation & Development Authority (SCIDpda) volunteers at work, courtesy of SCIDpda & Zeacon.

According to a study by The Independent Sector and Washington Council Ernst & Young, 83% of large and mid-sized non-profits reported a decrease in revenues due to Covid. Moreover, 55% have closed offices. In fact…

Doree Fazio-Young, at left in bowler, and Ardeen Tensen, at right, who both work in the cafeteria, hand lunches to the Kent family of West Seattle, as Denny International Middle School offers lunch during the coronavirus closure, on St. Patrick’s Day, Tuesday (Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)

With school closures in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties until April 24th, many students and families have been left heavily impacted. Below we have complied some resources to provide some aid to families and students in need during this time.

Text “Zeacon” to (833) 602–8790 to receive live
updates and…


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